Which cloth is best for me?

Jewellery and Watches

Use a Selvyt JC impregnated cloth to remove the dirt and grime from the item then give the piece a final polish with a Selvyt SR or Selvyt PR "A" cloth. This will have your precious items looking just like new.

Store your watch in a Selvyt SR watch holder this will protect it from scratches in storage and when you want to use it just give the watch a polish before going out for that special occasion.


Jewellery: As above but use the Selvyt SC cloth for the cleaning operation. This cloth contains an anti-tarnish ingredient which keeps the silver sparkling. Finish off with a Selvyt SR or Selvyt PR "A" polishing cloth.

Silverware: For larger items such as silver salvers use the Selvyt SC cleaning cloth for cleaning and finish off with a Selvyt SR or PR "B" cloth.


To clean normally soiled guns first use a Selvyt JC cloth to take off the dirt and grime then polish with a Selvyt PR Heavyweight "C" cloth.

For heavily soiled or for restoring old guns first use Selvyt Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloths then finish with a Selvyt PR Heavyweight "C" cloth.

We also manufacture bespoke holders for shotgun barrels and stocks ideal for storing your gun when not in use.


To clean use Selvyt Lens impregnated cloth to wipe the lens then polish with a Selvyt SR or Selvyt MF lens cleaning cloth. Store your spectacles or sunglasses in a Selvyt SR glasses Holder.

Musical Instruments

Brass : Clean with Selvyt Brass and Copper Impregnated cleaning cloths then polish with Selvyt SR or Selvyt PR "B" cloths.

Wooden: Clean with Selvyt Furniture Impregnated cleaning cloths then polish with Selvyt SR or Selvyt PR "B" cloths

Boots and Shoes

Apply shoe polish and lightly polish with reverse of Selvyt SR or Selvyt PR "B"cloth to take off excess polish, then polish briskly the boot or shoe with the raised side of the cloth to obtain an enviable shine.

To bull your boot dampen part of the Selvyt cloth and rub into the boot leather briskly then finish off with the dry part of the raised cloth good enough to put a smile on the segeant major's face.


Polish with a SELVYT PR "B" cloth or a SELVYT PR mitt


Use a Selvyt SR or Selvyt PR "C" cloth to buff the paintwork after waxing. Perfect for your classic car or your much loved run about.

Use Selvyt anti-mist cloth for internal car windows and driving mirror. For surface rust and heavy duty grime on hub caps use Selvyt Heavy Duty Impregnated Cleaning Cloth.

Camera lense, laptop and plasma TV screens

Use Selvyt disposable impregnated dust grabby wipes to clean the lens or screen, dust will stick to the cloth so will not go into the atmosphere and return to the surface. Polish the screen then with a Selvyt PR or Selvyt MF "B" cloth.


Use Selvyt SR cloths for all general polishing jobs. Ideal for windows, mirrors, wooden and plastic surfaces.


Use Selvyt impregnated Furniture cloths to clean the surface and polish up with Selvyt SR or Selvyt PR "B" cloths.


Use Selvyt Bag Holders to store leather handbags, this prevents your exclusive accessories getting scuffed in storage.. Give them a final polish before use, using the Holder itself, make sure your evening out goes with a flourish.

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