What our customers say

Don't take our word for it...

As befits the global leading brand in polishing cloths, following are a few comments from a variety of different customers about Selvyt products.

 "I had a Selvyt polishing cloth that I used to polish samples from failed nimonic turbine blades when I worked in a metallurgy laboraty in 1967. The cloth somehow found its way home and became the black shoe polishing cloth. It's been doing a good job throughout its life."
  - Mr Earl, January 2020

"The recommended issue for all army personnel for boot polishing. Supplied through the NAAFI's by ourselves. Loved by all the sergeant majors."

- Ultimate Products Ltd

"These cloths are perfect for polishing up all of your gemstones and jewellery. They are soft and gentle yet very effective. Use them to clean your gems before placing them into gem jars, before viewing them with equipment or photographing them. I also keep one handy when I'm dressing so I can give my watch and all my jewellery a quick wiping before I walk out the door. You will find SO many uses for them! They are absolutely invaluable."

Jewellery Television Customer

"Ultimate cloth ideal for polishing all film and lighting equipment, excellent service."

- That's A Wrap

"Thank you so much for those cleaning cloths. I never realised how effective they are. Another great Yorkshire secret! Fantastic result on my rare historic 'Adolf Lange & Shone 1905' gold pocket watch."

- Julian Randall

What a superb response! My first Selvyt cloth was used while I was in the Army in 1955/56 to clean the lenses of the devices we were using. It then served another 48 years to clean my specs each morning.

René Milward, France