Our History

1890 to 1932

‘An era of innovation’ - SELVYT brand originated at the height of Victorian entrepreneurship. The company was formed with the intent of maximising the fabric’s potential over a multitude of products aimed at all sorts of markets.

The Tootal Group took up ownership of the brand.

Marsh Fern took up ownership of the group.Hanes International took over Marsh Fern.

The Hanes International end of the company was transferred to sister company Edmund Bell.

Fabric production began to become less of a priority for the company.

The original SELVYT factory in Switzerland shutdown.

SELVYT PR was introduced.

SELVYT polishing cloths became established in the UK jewellery industry.

HS Walsh became a major customer.

Shesto came on board as a significant contract.



In November 2007 Star Struck became the company’s exclusive distributor in the US market.

A deal was made with Star Struck to license further products in North America, including a gift pack and cleaning solution.


2008 started to introduce impregnated cloths for silver and jewellery, as well as PR Heavy Weight Cloth which is more luxurious and velvety.

Major European distributor Bergeon began to represent SELVYT, which led to significant gains in business with Swiss Watch Manufacturers and German jewellery manufacturers.


March 26th 2009 company at BASELWORLD exhibition.Entered into a relationship with Hong Kong Distributor JC Universal. The relationship is one with great potential as 70% of the world’s watches are sold .

The company began to see major turnover in the Australian market, through the major jewellery distributor Australian Jewellers PTY.

SELVYT began to utilise a Government-sponsored scheme called the Export Market Research scheme which subsides, to quite a significant extent, trips to non-European countries to promote UK exports.

2009 SELVYT micro fibre cloths were added to the range.



A range of products aimed at the retail market with packaging was introduced. This range included the Selvyt SR (Polishing), Selvyt JC (Jewellery cleaning), Selvyt SC (Silver cleaning) and Selvyt MF (Micro fibre for soft stone polishing).SELVYT began to strike deals with the video and film production industry, with partners using SELVYT cloths for camera lenses.

SELVYT became specified as the cloth to use for boot polishing, when new recruits join the Armed Forces.

The company began to supply silversmiths and silverware retailers, such as Silstar, with SELVYT SR polishing cloths and SELVYT SC cleaning cloths.

Grooming mitts for the horse market were developed.

SELVYT began to supply major upmarket UK shotgun and rifle makers such as James Purdey, Holland & Holland and William Evans. This market lent SELVYT much kudos as an exclusive brand.

Significant business was picked up from contact lens manufacturer Bausch & Lomb.

The website was set up.The company began to be represented in the US market by York Street, a company ran by Wes Coburn.


Our history